Hemp on the Slope

In 2015, the first year that Salt Creek Hemp planted on the ranch, their quiet country road was suddenly busy with curious spectators.

Some days it felt like they got nothing done besides educating onlookers. These ‘over the fence’ conversations with local potential hemp farmers because so frequent, and so energizing, that they decided to host an open house in the horse barn. Attendance that first year was so large that next year it officially became “Hemp on the Slope” – the only hemp-centric even held right on a ranch where you can see plants in the ground and machines in action.

HoTS4 Poster

In 2019, our 4th official Hemp on the Slope event turned into two events- a Spring Summit in Grand Junction, Colorado and the July event on the ranch. The Spring Summit spoke to a packed convention center and educated farmers who were getting ready to plant.


In July, 500 people came to Collbran – almost doubling our town’s population of 710! Our guests saw equipment demonstrations, learned from export panelists, ate hemp-based meals, listened to great live music and most importantly- they made honest connections within the hemp industry that will help them continue to make this industry to exciting and beneficial.

You can catch our video recap here.