The Team




Margaret MacKenzieMargaret has never shied away from a challenge, whether it was competitive horse jumping, flying helicopters or starting a hemp farm. She has become a leader in the hemp industry, as a board member of the Colorado Hemp Industries Assoc, lobbying lawmakers, educating those new to hemp farming, and championing the independent farmer. Margaret is also an amazing cook, taking full advantage of the cows, pigs, chickens, and an acre-large vegetable garden.




Aaron Rydell Aaron has also never shied away from a challenge, and spent most of his career fixing helicopters and managing teams of pilots. Growing up in Central Wisconsin, he has always loved working outside. He’s active on the ranch in the fields and working on all the equipment. Aaron shares Margaret’s passion for education and best practices within the hemp industry- speaking at conferences and expos. His years of helicopter maintenance make him an expert at the paperwork and machinery involved in hemp farming.




Joe Koeller A longtime friend and coworker of Aaron, Joe’s work ethic and detailed knowledge of complex machinery made him the perfect fit for the ranch, where daily surprises are the norm. Joe honorably served in the Navy from 1990-1994 as an aviation machinist mate, spending time at sea and abroad. Joe keeps everything running smoothly at the ranch. He is both out in the field and has also turned into a sales guy!




Fran MacKenzie Fran’s family has been ranching for generations. She and her sister fell in love with the Salt Creek Ranch and purchased it in 1995. She has decades of experience working with organic ingredients and has been key in the soil health and product formulations. Because the soil was already so healthy, it was a perfect place to start planting hemp. Fran is out in the fields every day and also busy with her animals and vegetable farm.




Liz McEvilyLiz and Margaret have known each other since they were babies, and have been stirring up good trouble together ever since. Liz has a successful background in both corporate finance and luxury sales and marketing. Her experience in investment banking and equity research has helped her structure and grow many small high-end, consumer-focused companies. Once she attended Hemp on the Slope in 2018, there was no going back- and now she’s immersed in all things hemp.